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A Step Forward in Energy-Saving Design

OHAUS implements energy-saving features in its laboratory weighing products, contributing to significant carbon emission reductions and the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
OHAUS places energy-saving design as one of its top priorities, evident in all of our laboratory weighing products which feature power-saving capabilities. As a leading laboratory manufacturer, this small step forward demonstrates our commitment to these important causes.

To be specific, OHAUS electronic balances have been designed with a three-tiered energy-saving strategy for laboratory use. Auto-Dim means the display will shift to a darker shade when there is inactivity; Auto-Standby indicates that the machine will log itself off automatically; and Auto-Off indicates that the display will be shut down at a predetermined time.
You might be interested in finding out how much energy can be saved if we just lower the LCD backlights, set “Auto-Off” timing, or “Auto-Standby” mode when the equipment is not in use. Let's use the power consumption factor1 to calculate the CO2 emission savings from an OHAUS Explorer balance.
For example, we setup a “Auto-Off” down time for an Adventurer AX balance when it’s not in use, and found out that it saves 23% to 30% when it always powers on.

We all feel that we can't change the world no matter what we do, on the contrary, everything we do subtly changes the world. Now, OHAUS is enhancing our product range to help businesses work towards net zero carbon emissions before 2050.

Steps to Set Up Your Electronic Balance for Energy SavingsAccording to The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publication CO2 emissions estimates (EIA, 2021), one kilowatt of energy is equal to 0.885 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide.

In China, according to expert statistics, for each kWh of electricity saved, corresponds to 400 kg of standard coal saved, 272 kg of carbon dust, 997 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), 30 kg of sulfur dioxide (SO2), and 15 kg of nitrogen oxides (NOX) are reduced in emission.

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